Publish & monetize your content across every major device and platform. No coding required.

MAZ is the FedEx for content. You input all of your articles, videos, images and audio, and simply choose where you want to publish. MAZ currently delivers your content to iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Twitter, Apple News, Amazon Alexa, LinkedIn, Slack and more.

Future proof your brand. Test emerging platforms and devices without upfront development costs.

Consumer technology changes at a rapid pace. Building and testing new channels takes too long and requires considerable time and internal resources. Let MAZ build the roads to new devices and platforms, so your team can focus on creating great content.

Centralize your content with our Aggregation Tools.

MAZ brings all of your different content types and feeds in one place. You can input all common media and feed types, or you can build your own feeds from scratch with our Feed Builder and Smart Feed technology.

AMI uses Aggregation Tools to create entirely new brands on mobile.

With their cross-platform brand Duchess Diaries, American Media Inc. uses MAZ to input feeds from multiple properties like US Weekly, Star and Radar Online to create a single branded experience focused on the royal wedding.

Set it up once, and let our Automation Tools do the rest.

A major pain point of content logistics is the work of publishing your content to each distribution channel manually. With MAZ, you can set rules to automatically queue up and publish your content to your preferred output.

Fast Company & Inc. use Automation Tools to publish across devices.

Fast Company and Inc. use MAZ to create and update their mobile and TV apps in real-time. As new articles and videos come in, they are automatically routed and tagged, without any manual work.

Centralize user data across platforms with UserSync.

Traditionally, audience profiles and metrics have been siloed within each platform, limiting your targeting capabilities. With MAZ, you can sync and segment your users across devices and platforms to create targeted content.

Yoga International uses UserSync to keep its audience data in sync.

Using MAZ, Yoga International can segment its users so they can resume lessons, across devices and platforms, and drive subscriptions.

Grow revenue with integrated Monetization Tools.

Unlock your content monetization strategy with a comprehensive suite of tools: paywalls, metering, display ads, pre-roll ads, sponsorships, and more.

Bloomberg uses Monetization Tools to grow subscriptions.

Bloomberg Businessweek uses MAZ to offer a cutting-edge article metering system to simultaneously capture prospect emails and grow their annual subscribers.

Delight your audience with Beautiful Content.

Your designers can tweak and customize each part of your brand's UI to their hearts' content, all without needing to submit to your developers.

HooplaKidz creates Beautiful Content experiences.

HooplaKidz created a playful and highly visual content experience across Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku, without custom code.